Ria Formosa Nature Park


Any telegraphic description would simply say 2 peninsulas, 5 islands, 6 piers, marshlands and a scent of seawater.

On the one side, the sea, on the other, before land, the estuary.

The latter is located on Algarve’s leeward between the sandy peninsulas of Ancão and Manta Rota to Ria Formosa, – The Natural Park occupies 18.400 ha – and is the most important wetland area on the south of Portugal, being separated from the sea by a cordon of barrier islands and fed in freshwater by small, seasonal water streams.

Diverse habitats – dunes, marshlands, low tides, pine woods and agricultural areas – complete the set.

Important area in terms of bird fauna and a varied marine fauna presence since the lagoon area works as a nursery to some marine species. (Source: www.Natural.PT)