Terms & Conditions

1. The following Terms & Conditions set the relationship between ontrail ALGARVE – Running Tours and the Customer.

Booking an activity requires knowledge and acceptance of these Terms & Conditions.

2. ontrail ALGARVE – Running Tours is a Tourist Animation company registered in Turismo de Portugal with RNAAT nº 2161/2018 and recognized as a Nature Tourism company by the ICNF – Institute of Nature Conservation an Forestry.

All ontaril ALGARVE – Running Tours are licensed, authorized and insured as is mandatory by law.

3. The activities developed by the ontrail ALGARVE – Running Tours are designed for people over 18, who must be aware of the distance and particularities of the trail running race in which they will participate. 

4. It is Customer responsibility to ensure that he our she are in good health conditions, for the practice of the activities.

5. During the tour the transport of water or other goods is on responsibility of the Customer.

6. All the equipment and clothing to be used by the Customer must be in accordance with the weather season of the tour, for this we advise the use of clothes suitable for trail running practice and trail shoes with good adhesion, as well as the use sunglasses, hat and sun protection.

7. To booking tous or other activity in ontrail ALGARVE – Running Tours use our email info@ontrailalgarve.com.

The Customer will receive an email with all details and payment instructions (50% of the total invoice cost, the remaining 50% is paid on the activity day.

8. An extra fee is applied when the pikup is done outside the Albufeira – Faro – Tavira area.

9. Payments are done via electronic bank transfer. 

 10. ontrail ALGARVE – Running Tours reserves the rigtht to cancel any tour or other activity, reimbursing Customers after deducting the expenses of organizing the activity. 

11. ontrail ALGARVE – Running Tours will not refund Costumer who don’t show up to to tour or other activities.

12. ontrail ALGARVE – Running Tours reserves the rigth to cancel any tour or other activity in the following circumstances:

– Adverse weather conditions;

– Failure to comply with minimum safety conditions;

– Unplanned reasons: landslides, wars, conflicts, strikes, etc;

The agreed conditions are not fulfilled.

13. The Customer responsible for their individual behavior.

Should the integrity and safety of the group be compromised by any Customers action, they may see their participation denied for the rest of the tour or other activity.

14. ontrail ALGARVE – Running Tours is not responsible for any accidents ocurred due to Costumers careless or disregard behavior.

15. Personal objects are in the care of its owners, ontrail ALGARVE – Running Tours is not responsible for any lost object during the activity.

16. Customer transfer to ontrail ALGARVE – Running Tours all audio and image rights collected during the tour or other activity and allow its used for promotinal purposes.